The Life Project was founded in 1992 by a group of psychics. In the process of development, joined the project linguists, psychologists and parapsychologists, psychics and psychic astral contactors, psychics, magicians and enchanters practitioners, healers, priests, clergy, preachers and missionaries, rabbis, imams, soothsayers, physicists, mathematicians , astronomers, chemists, biologists and microbiologists, linguists, translators and many, many others.

At present, the accumulated knowledge allow safe answer many questions of physical and spiritual development of man, correct the disease development and karma, solving the problems of interpersonal relationships and family problems, children. The correction of karma, based on spiritual growth, can achieve improved interpersonal space.

The administration sees as the main purpose of the project, the development of spirituality of the individual, family, group, state and world in general.

The project forum unites family structures, business and politics, science, religion and spiritual teachings, making it possible to solve many common problems of individual spiritual groups and faiths, countries and states in general. Data presented in the sections of Wikipedia join the worldwide experience of spiritual development harmoniously interacting with science.

Current projects are made by project participants, commercial and state structures with the support of workers in the science of international governing institutions.

Commercial projects presented are regulated by the site administrator.